Fixed, Singular, & Effortless

Are you searching for the best payment technology to optimize payment workflow? If yes, then Paytiko meets all your needs!

We offer a fully certified and advanced payment management software suitable for every online business, ranging from banks and payment providers to financial organizations and e-commerce companies.

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Key Elements

  1. Paytiko’s solutions are fully PCI and GDPR certified. Adhering to these certifications allows us to provide you with the highest level of security for your funds, data, and systems.

  2. You can instantly view thorough financial reports, statistics, and graphs that quickly summarize your data, processor connections, and more.

  3. Our single API integration protocol establishes the technological foundation between our platform, your business, and many payment service providers such as major credit card acquirers, alternative payment methods, e-wallets, banks, and prominent financial institutions.

  4. Because we value transparency, we include all processing fees or commissions associated with your payments, no matter the number of providers involved. This delivers a clear impression of all costs related to your business operations to ensure proper expense recording and reconciliation of settlements.

  5. We offer your consumers multiple payment channels such as credit cards, bank transfers, or other electronic modes. Consumers can also save their personal details for future access. Overall, you can relay various purchasing options to your consumers based on parameters you set, such as limits, region, and more.


Business Model

We provide a complete payment solution according to our “3 C” structure:
  1. Clients receive comprehensive assistance throughout all aspects of employing our services, such as transaction monitoring, reviewing processing errors, and addressing technical issues. We provide support through our dashboard directly or through various contact methods.

  2. As we work with many payment service providers, credit card processors, banks, e-wallet companies, and financial institutions, we can seamlessly connect their services to yours.

  3. You can alter our back-office platform to track and fit numerous requirements, including deposit limits, regional specifications, currency levels, campaign targets, and more.

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Maintaining a competitive edge in this industry is a must. One way we accomplish this is by presenting our services through two cost-effective packages.
  • Starter package
  • Continuous package
Starter Package
  • Initial connection of our dashboard with your business system (via API)
  • Incorporate payment methods you already work with
  • Introduce new processors or banks that we provide
Continuous Package
  • Fixed monthly subscription
  • Unlimited users to your account
  • Full support features and resources
  • Graphical and developmental adjustments
  • Reporting and analysis

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