Pay In

Easily navigate and direct all incoming transactions generated, no matter the number of processors used.

Understand the how, where, and when for each deposit.

  • - Preferred deposit flows
  • - Processor used
  • - Payment method
  • - Payment holder
  • - Country of origin
  • - Original settlement amount
  • - Date and time
  • - Currency
  • - Equivalent amounts in alternate currencies
  • - Unique transactional IDs



Quickly understand a transaction’s status for easy identification, combat chargebacks, and maintain detailed records of declined and voided transactions for better reporting capabilities.

  • - Smart classification of payment statuses
  • - Intelligent integration of chargebacks within pay in tab
  • - Color-coded statuses
  • - Conveniently correlate disputes with deposits
  • - Filtration of data headers
  • - Direct refund issuance
  • - Personalization of layout
  • - Easily identifiable declined and voided transactions
  • - Processor error codes and reasons
  • - Exportation of error lists
  • - Accessible layout features

Tackle and understand the myriad of inbound operations your business generates to fuel sales.

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