Pay In

As Paytiko understands the fundamental importance incoming transactions have on any business, we have therefore developed a dedicated "Pay In" tab to help our clients navigate the myriad of inbound operations their business generates.

This portion of our dashboard contains all necessary information regarding deposits, no matter the payment service provider. Ranging from country of origin, processor used, original settlement amount and currency, and equivalent amount in USD/EUR/GBP–we have thoroughly combined all transactional data required to best understand how, where, and when a payment was made. Additionally, each incoming transaction receives its own unique identifying number within the platform for increased accessibility.

Furthermore, all transactions are intelligently organized by payment success status such as successful, pending, and failed. These statuses are also conveniently color coded, allowing for easy identification. Additional features include the ability to filter all column headers as well as personalize a unique layout of the pay in tab.


Every merchant is fully aware that sometimes transactions do not go through. Such issues maybe a result of insufficient funds on the consumers part or a deeper issue within the processors used to issue the payments. Either way, our platform maintains detailed records of all declined or voided transactions and their reasons, to help merchants remedy any errors that may occur.

With deposits also come the possibility of receiving chargebacks. Such disputed transactions are frustrating to handle at times, yet through our system, merchants can manage chargebacks with peace of mind. By offering chargebacks within our pay in tab, merchants can conveniently associate chargebacks with their correlating deposits. We offer extensive chargeback data ranging from chargeback reasons, originating payment processor or institution, contested amounts, chargeback issuance dates, and more. Furthermore, we provide merchants the ability to issue refunds directly and manually to preemptively counter any incoming chargebacks.


Overall, we have intricately structured this section to coincide with the merchant’s preferred deposit flow, allowing for full customization and thereby ease of use.

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