Paytiko’s detailed reporting resources and features give a blueprint of one’s payment infrastructure.

Our reporting tools allow you to fully breakdown an entire payment flow via relevant metrics such as currency, country, payment type, payment processor, CRM account (end-user account on merchant’s website), and card type. Such breakdowns can be consolidated and analyzed in regard to approval ratio, total net amounts, payouts (withdrawals), total rejected, and more. We also offer various customizable filtration options that allow you to easily view and synchronize data and key metrics towards a desired status, region, date range, and more.


Overall, our reporting effortlessly scales and syncs throughout our entire platform, to actively document your payment flow. Via real-time analytics, a user-friendly interface, informative charts and graphics, and numerous metrics, merchants can monitor and account for all transactional data on both a macro and micro level. Reporting capabilities exist for pay ins, pay outs, refunds, chargebacks, and more based on time, currency, number of new accounts, and other pertinent factors.

Finally, all information can be exported and is mirror-matched to our dashboard tool.

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